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A flourishing past
The origins of the Gillion Group extend back to 1918 when founder René Gillion established himself as a general entrepreneur specialising in a niche product: reinforced concrete. With numerous prestigious and high-quality realisations, such as the I.N.R., the Europa Building, the Plaza Hotel, and the Museum of Natural Sciences, he quickly won a position at the forefront of the construction sector. In 1930, his son Fernand joined the company: he developed awareness in the company over the years. A subsidiary was established in the Congo in 1951. From this era, the third generation was fully invested in the family activity. They continue to develop it in the areas of public works, civil engineering and private markets. Hospitals, factories, offices, cemeteries, metro works… Les Entreprises Fernand Gillion & Fils are active in all areas of construction. After the federalisation of Belgium, their activities have extended into Flanders with SOGIAF, a subsidiary of the group. 

The present
Today, the fourth generation has brought a creative new spirit to the company. With the enthusiasm of its predecessors, this generation has focused on developing the business and expanding its range, notably its offer in the Design & Build market, passive energy constructions and property development. If the competitive marketplace pushes companies to go to further and faster, the Gillion Group remains faithfully committed to the same values:

> the high quality of realisations and A to Z service;
> commitment to planning and scheduling;
> safety and security for everyone;
> professional competences;
> dialogue with clients (a personalised and conciliatory approach);
> long-term collaboration (choice of the right partners);
> efficiency;
> strong business ethics (transparency);
> the character of a genuine family business.  

A future developer
Gillion Construct is an investor and a promising developer! Confident and ambitious, the group continues to effectively invest in future generations. The goals? To establish its reputation in the construction sector, promote its label of stability and quality and increase its revenue, while continuing to guarantee the same high standards of personalised and professional service to its clients.  

Practical information about Gillion Construct
> ‘Gillion Construct S.A.’: since 2008, it has been the name for the Entreprises Générales Fernand Gillion & Fils
> Independent subsidiary of the Gillion Group, based in Brussels > VCA-certified company
> SECO co-opter
        - A sustainable and responsible company
        - A Class 8 company (categories D, E6, etc.)
        - Active across Belgium, primarily in Brussels and the Brabant region
        - A team of 90 collaborators from three categories: workers, employees and administrative services personnel
        - Board of directors: Amaury de Merode, Philippe Gillion and Rodrigue Gillion
> General management: Xavier Radelet